Best International Shipping Sydney


Flashfreight Logistics endeavours to offer the best professional international cargo and shipping services in Australia. Our company wishes to have our name in the top of the list when considering about shipping from Australia to other countries and from other countries to Australia. We have a professional team which is constantly proving the worth and faces various challenges in the industry to hold the top position in terms of service and professionalism. Our international shipping company Sydney always keeps an eye for more methods to enhance the experience of the customers and to make strong and long term relationships in the industry. 

We have an expert team which is completely dedicated to work in shipping industry, and always make sure to escalate the service quality with the best and quick performance. We make sure to give you ears for the feedback and apply them wherever necessary.

We are one of the leading international ocean and air freight companies sharing global network with the partners since 30 years. Our attention to detail and experience assures our clients that we manage every assignment in an expert manner till it is accomplished successfully. We offer many types of services along with customised service which suits the individual requirements of any client with respect to international shipping.

Expectations from Flashfreight International shipping

There are plenty of reasons that express why we hold the top position in the international shipping industry of Australia, some of the features you can expect from our company are:

  • We offer personal services at reasonable prices
  • We make sure that the project reaches the destination as soon as possible
  • We take care of excess baggage concern keeping you away from additional fees
  • We are available in major regions of Australia from Sydney to Melbourne, Perth to Brisbane, and more.
  • We are professionals in terms of overseas relocation and international removals
  • We have our company depots in every part of Australia and in major parts of other countries to handle, store and pickup deliveries.
  • Efficient international freight shipping services can be expected from our proficient team at Flashfreight.

Features of our international shipping Sydney

We are working in the industry passionately with our competitive pricing structure to prove our value as the best international shipping company in Australia. We treat our clients as our personal guests irrespective of the size or type of item they wish to be shipping. Each and every client coming to us is respected and served the best.

  1. Excellent customer service: We offer on time delivery status to the clients and make sure that every item is shipped on or before the stipulated time.
  2. Global network: We are well connected to all the major cities of different countries and constantly in touch to deliver the product in the same condition and on time.
  3. Peace of mind: We have consolidation program and a perfect ground network which makes sure that no kind of flaw is experienced from the start to the end of the product.

Feel free to give us a call at 0418 475035 and expect the most efficient international shipping service from us!


Individual supply Chain Solutions

We approach each client and account individually. Our personalised approach is also applied in contractual documentation, price and payment terms.

Careful Handling of Valuable Goods

We offer high value freight and transport services designed specifically for pharma, technology, hardware, solar, trade show and event sectors.

Cargo security

We work with selected and reputable freight service providers who keeps continous track of your merchandise while in transit.

Best Logistics

We suggest the best and most effective solution for the given situation, regardless of customs, freight and transportation services.